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Working with the right partner can be very beneficial.
Think of CBP as an extension of your Human Resource department. Our partnership is ongoing, because our goal is to keep you happy throughout the life of your benefits plan. Here's how CBP Benefits can accomplish that:
At CBP, we take a proactive approach to our business and yours. Our firm is owned and operated by experienced professionals who invest the time and resources necessary to stay on the cutting edge. Today's market is complex; it demands specialization and a certain degree of creativity.

Please use the tabs below to learn more about our services and products.

Core Services

Cost & Design

  • Industry specific benchmarking to compare your benefits with similar companies
  • Analyze claims data and create customized claim reporting to determine cost drivers and recommend opportunities to better manage costs, access and quality
  • Design a customized benefit plan for your firm's needs, budget and business dynamics
  • Research the market to find appropriate products and carriers
  • Negotiate with carriers on your behalf

Admin & Communication

  • Your firm will be assigned a dedicated service team
  • Set-up selected coverage for your annual billing cycle
  • Communicate benefits to your employees via online and onsite channels
  • Conduct open enrollment - collect, review and process all paperwork and changes with the carriers
  • CBP's team will address and settle pressing issues, concerns and problems with claims, enrollment and billing

Maintenance & Compliance

  • Your firm will be provided with updates on trends, regulations and legislative changes via E-Alerts and Newsletters
  • CBP will host free Benefits/HR webinars on timely topics
  • ComplianceAssist; a CBP Compliance Officer to assist your firm with all Benefit/HR regulation issues
  • Collect Schedule A information for Form 5500 filing and prepare signature ready form(s) along with Summary Annual Reports

Extended Services

  • Comprehensive Population Health Management - Data collection, claims analytics, reporting, projections and access to CBP's Chief Medical Officer
  • Wellness Program – Health Fairs, Biometrics, Flu Shot Clinics and specialty programs
  • Online WebPortal for your firm and its employees to facilitate enrollment and information dissemination
  • CBP's Wellness Director will tailor a program that's right for your organization
  • Full Benefit Administration – Add/Term/Changes, Billing reconciliation and Audit (CBP HR)
  • Access to an ERISA attorney and HRBLR
  • Prepare annual Summary Plan Description Wrap Document
  • Customized benefit statements for all firm's employees
  • Individualized benefit surveys to gauge employee satisfaction with benefit offerings
  • Summary Annual Reports – a clear, concise summary of 5500 tax reports



Medical insurance is one of the most hotly debated topics in America today. No matter which side of the issue you're on one thing is for certain, you need a partner that can help you make smart choices. This is why we excel in the medical insurance marketplace.

  1. Group Medical Insurance
    Ask a potential employee if they have questions during the job interview and the first thing they will ask is, "What are your medical benefits?" CBP can help you provide an answer that will please everyone.We will evaluate your needs by surveying the marketplace and investigating the best available options. We then prepare side-by-side plan comparison, helping you understand the differences in benefits and pricing. After thoroughly reviewing these plans and comparing them to industry benchmarking data, CBP will assist you in implementing the plan(s) that best meet your needs and objectives.Providing your employees with the best medical insurance possible creates a positive environment and elevates your company's status as a preferred place to work. Partner with us and see how healthy, and happy, your company can be.
  2. Individual Coverage
    Shop for a individual policy from one of our preferred carriers.
    Click on the links below to receive a free quote.

    • Anthem BCBS
    • Aetna
    • United/Golden Rule
  3. Short Term Medical
    This option provides an affordable choice for those who are transitioning from one life event to another such as: individuals between jobs, newly hired employees, recent college graduates and early retirees.

    • United/Golden Rule


Medical and dental insurance are like peanut butter and jelly. They just go together when employees inquire about benefits, which is why we are just as active in the group dental insurance marketplace as we are in the medical marketplace.

For most of the dental plans offered by employers, employees are estimated to pay between 10% and 50% of the total benefit cost. A typical dental plan design is as follows:

In Network Out of Network
Preventative 100% 100%
Basic 100% 80%
Major 60% 50%
Annual Max Benefit $1500 $1500

In fact, according to a study conducted by LIMRA, dental insurance is the second most requested benefit by employees. What’s more, about 89 percent of large employers offer some type of dental benefit to their workers, according to the National Association of Dental Plans (NADP).

Being protected by dental insurance and using it wisely are essential safeguards for your employees and their families. Unlike medical related diseases, which can be both unpredictable and catastrophic, most dental ailments are preventable. Dental coverage provides preventive care, including regular checkups and cleanings, which helps maintain good oral health. With regular visits to the dentist, problems can be diagnosed early and treated without extensive testing, elaborate and expensive procedures, and exorbitant costs to both the employer and employee.


Poor vision can lead to poor health, absenteeism and even costly mistakes on the job. Unfortunately, vision typically takes a backseat to medical and dental coverage when it comes to benefit planning. Don’t be so shortsighted.

It is important to understand the types of doctors in the provider network as well as the services covered by the vision insurance plan. A typical vision plan design is as follows:

Benefit In Network Out of Network
Eye Exams
(Once every
12 months)
$10 co-pay;
then plan
pays 100%
Up to
$46 allowance
(Once every
24 months)
$25 co-pay;
then plan pays 100%
up to $120 allowance
Up to
$47 allowance
Traditional Lenses
Single Vision
$25 co-pay;
then plan
pays 100%
Up to $47
Up to $66
Up to $85
Up to $125
Contact Lenses
Medically Necessary
(Once every
24 months)
100% up to
$120 allowance
then plan pays 100%
Up to $120
Up to $210

It’s imperative for your employees to have regular eye exams to detect vision loss or diseases such as glaucoma. Vision insurance covers office visits and services provided by eye doctors and eye specialists, normally subject to a deductible or co-pay. This typically includes coverage for eye exams, glasses or contact lenses, frames, specific eye diseases and permanent visual impairment.


  1. Planning for the Long Term
    An employee has just been disabled and you don’t have a plan for it. Now what? Do you continue to pay all or part of a salary? Offer unpaid leave? Terminate employment? There are no easy answers unless you have a plan.An insured Long Term Disability plan set in place by disability experts like us will replace up to 60% of an employee's income up to the age of 67. Along with income protection, most disability plans offer rehabilitation and return-to-work services that are essential to the employee’s recovery. It’s our goal to help you financially protect and proactively return disabled employees to a productive life.The smart thing to do:

    • There is a 1-in-5 risk that a 35 year old will be disabled for 90 days or more before age 65
    • A fully insured long-term plan will cost about one half of one percent of the company's monthly payroll
    • Most plans will pay an employee who is limited from performing all of their job functions, and has suffered a 20% or more loss of income
      as a result
    • Some plans can be structured so that any benefit received is tax-free
  2. Planning for the Short Term
    62% of accidents occur outside of the work place. These off-site disabilities are not covered by Worker’s Comp. If an employee has to rely on savings to supplement income, research shows it will last on average just 4 - 8 weeks.Then what?Focusing on Short-Term Disability (STD) is the first step to gaining control of overall disability costs. A well-managed plan can help identify, track and handle claims professionally and consistently and accelerate rehabilitation and return-to-work efforts.Prevent short-term disabilities from turning into long term ones:

    • The average annual occurrence of Short-Term Disability claims is 65 per 1,000 insured lives
    • Most Short-Term Disability plans can replace up to 100% of the income lost due to injury or sickness
    • An effective STD plan will also take into account any state-mandated disability programs (ie: NJ, NY, RI, HI & CA)
    • Pregnancies are also covered just as any other disability
  3. Life Insurance
    A workforce is like a family, which is why we advise clients on the advantages of offering employer-sponsored life insurance as a value-added feature of their benefits plan. Generally, life insurance is the least expensive and least complicated type of insurance to offer.It provides both a tax-free death benefit and financial security for the families of employees if the unexpected were to occur. Unlike the funds from an estate, the benefits from a life insurance policy will go directly to the beneficiaries.A key component of a group life insurance policy is the non-medical maximum benefit, which is the amount an employee can obtain without any underwriting (the process of medical tests, blood work, etc).You can allow your employees to purchase additional coverage through payroll deductions and take advantage of underwriting concessions and possible discounted rates.

International Medical

You may know how the dollar is performing in Japan, but would you know what to do if you needed an emergency appendectomy in Prague? With international medical coverage, your employees and their families will have access to medical care worldwide when they travel, work or live outside their country of citizenship.

These insurance products maximize choice and flexibility to meet your needs in the global marketplace and provide travel health and safety to international business travelers and vacationers, US expatriates, foreign nationals, corporations with employees worldwide, visa applicants, missionaries and overseas exchange students.

CBP has partnered with the leading providers in international insurance - to provide your employees with this all-important but often overlooked medical coverage.

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CBP Select

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